SaltEMike Reacts to Asmongold LOVING Star Citizen's Engine Update

In this video, Asmongold reacts to Star Citizen’s engine update and expresses his enthusiasm for its impressive features, including seamless transitions and detailed environments. However, he also voices concerns about the game’s empty feel, lack of meaningful gameplay and progression, and bugs and crashes that impact the experience.

In this video, Asmongold reacts to a demo of Star Citizen’s engine update. He initially watches the Squadron 42 demo and seems to like it, but this engine update seems to impress him even more. As he watches the demo, he comments on various aspects of the game, including the seamless transitions between space and ground, the detailed environments, and the impressive graphics. He is particularly impressed by the size and scale of the game, as well as the potential it holds.

However, Asmongold does express concerns about the current state of the game. He mentions that the game feels empty, lacking meaningful gameplay and progression. He questions why there are so few loading screens in the demo since other games like Starfield use loading screens to avoid long wait times. He also voices concerns about the lack of content in the game’s planets and caves. He acknowledges that bugs and crashes are impacting the gameplay experience as well.

Despite these concerns, Asmongold recognizes the potential of the game’s engine and its impressive capabilities. He mentions that he understands why people have been waiting for so long and have given money to the project. He expresses excitement for the future of the game, but also notes that the developers still have a lot of work to do to deliver a fully-fledged game that meets players’ expectations. He ends the video by jokingly suggesting that people should buy more spaceships to speed up the development process.