RSI Scorpius Antares Giveaway & Channel Update

Today’s video is both a channel update and giveaway. Before getting into the giveaway, we must congratulate last month’s winner, Calan Stratech Razor, who won a Starla Fortuna Skinned Origin 400i with LTI game package. This month we are giving away an RSI Scorpius Antares with LTI and game package. There are 11 ways to enter, and the lucky winner will be revealed live (or shortly afterwards) on Subliminal’s Twitch channel.

Last month, Subliminal released his Jumptown infiltration fail video, the Make it Fit video, and a first look of the Lynx Rover. Coming up they have a tutorial of VJoy, a Random Frank P style Battle Station Tour project, as well as a New Player Guide and reviews of VKP’s T-Readers, Omni Throttle Adapter, and GNX module lineup.

To finish off, Subliminal wants to celebrate his upcoming birthday by doing a live stream event. Ideas and suggestions to make it a memorable experience can be offered in the comments or the Channel Discord. With so much content to come, stay tuned for all the exciting new updates!