RSI Galaxy Modular Ship

The Galaxy is a modular ship designed by RSI with an onboard hangar capable of deploying other ships. The main deck is interchangeable and can be outfitted with a cargo, medical, or refining module. The hangar is small and can spawn ships like the Pisces, Argo, Razer, 85x, and M50. However, it does not have a ramp or elevator for ground vehicles unless you have a cargo module. The hangar does not have a built-in refueling or repair system. The cargo module adds industrial lifts, extra cargo space, and tractor cranes. The medbay module has three tiers of medical beds and a life lift for transporting injured personnel. The refinery module contains processors for raw ore and can access the hangar. The ship also has a bridge, crew areas, captain’s quarters, and modules on the bottom floor. The pilot can access eight size 2 missiles, while the crew has three size 6 turrets and two size 5 weapon mounts. The ship’s speed and manoeuvrability are comparable to the Carrack. The ship has one size 3 shield reactor but can change modules at specific locations. The Galaxy is larger than the Gemini but smaller than the Carrack. It is a versatile ship that can be customized for various roles.

The Galaxy is a modular ship designed by RSI with an onboard hangar for deploying small to midsize ships. The main deck can be outfitted with interchangeable modules, including cargo, medical, and refining modules. The hangar size is extra extra small, similar to a planetary outpost. It can spawn ships like the Pisces, Argo MPUV, Razer, Origin 85x, and M50, but ground vehicles require a cargo module to be brought up to the hangar. The hangar does not have built-in refueling or repair systems, so you would need to bring your own equipment. The hangar also provides 64u of cargo space as stock storage.

The Galaxy has three module options. The cargo module has an industrial lift for cargo and additional 512 SU of storage, which is more than the Carrack. It also has tractor cranes for moving cargo or potentially vehicles. The medbay module has three tier-free med beds for minor injuries, two tier-two med beds for more serious injuries, and one tier-one med bed. It also features a life lift for transferring injured personnel. The refinery module has a command console, two processors for refining ore, and access to the hangar. It cannot refuel itself with refined quantanium.

The ship’s price is around $380 for the standalone ship, with each module priced between $70 and $90. The ship layout includes a bridge with four seats, crew recreational area, kitchen galley, crew cabins, a viewing platform, and two levels accessed by elevators. The ship’s weapons and armor consist of eight size two missiles for the pilot and three size six turrets and two size five weapon mounts for the crew. The ship’s speed and maneuverability are similar to the Carrack, and it has one size three large shield reactor. The Galaxy is considered a specialized ship, while the Carrick is more versatile.

Changing modules can be done at specific locations, like Cousin Crow’s shop, and won’t take too long as long as the required parts are available. The ship’s size is between the Gemini and the Carrack in terms of length and about the width of a 600i before any rework is done. The speaker expresses enjoyment in sharing this information about their favorite ship in the game.