RSI Constellation Andromeda Review | Star Citizen 3.19 4K Gameplay

“In this video, I review the Star Citizen multi crew utility ship, the RSI Constellation Andromeda, including a tour as well as detailed ship review. I include gameplay footage of the RSI Constellation Andromeda in 4K at 60FPS (or as close a”

This video is a review of the RSI Constellation Andromeda, a multi-role and multi-crew capable ship in the game Star Citizen. The ship is described as a medium freight/gunship and offers a versatile gameplay experience for solo players and small groups. The video is divided into five sections: ship tour, combat performance, handling and visibility, operating costs, and a summary. The ship tour explores the different sections of the ship, including the cockpit, turrets, habitation area, cargo bay, and docking bay. The combat performance section highlights the ship’s strong firepower, with four size five mounts, missiles, and two manned turrets. The handling and visibility of the ship are discussed, mentioning some minor obstacles to visibility but overall decent maneuverability. The video also covers the operating costs, such as refueling, rearming, and repairing, which can be easily covered through combat contracts or cargo hauling. The ship’s price, compared to alternative options in the game, is also mentioned, with the Constellation Andromeda being considered a solid choice for players who enjoy its design and gameplay style. The video concludes by inviting viewers to share their thoughts and memories of the ship and encourages them to subscribe to the channel for more Star Citizen content.