RSI Aurora LX Review | Star Citizen 3.22 4K Gameplay

"This video reviews the Star Citizen pathfinder starter ship, the RSI Aurora LX, including a tour as well as detailed ship review. The gameplay for this Star Citizen RSI Aurora LX pathfinder starter ship review is from patch 3.22.

00:00 Introduction
01:22 Ship Tour & Deck Layout
02:24 Combat Performance
03:44 Handling & Visibility
05:22 Operating Costs
06:37 Summary & Verdict
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The video is a review of the RSI Aurora LX, a deluxe model of the basic starter ship available in Star Citizen. The ship is described as a versatile platform for starting out in the game, offering some features not available in other models of the Aurora series. The review is split into five sections: ship tour, combat performance, handling and visibility, operating costs, and overall summary. The ship features cargo storage, a bed, and a cockpit seat, making it suitable for various in-game activities.

In terms of combat performance, the Aurora LX is armed with two size one bulldog repeaters and a size three missile hardpoint, making it capable of engaging NPC opponents at lower threat levels. The ship offers decent defensive capabilities with two size one shield generators. Despite not being the strongest combat platform compared to dedicated fighters, the LX is considered more than capable for a starter ship. The handling of the ship is surprisingly good, with responsive controls and good visibility from the cockpit.

Operating costs for the Aurora LX are relatively low, with the main expense being restocking missiles if fired. The ship is suitable for combat contracts and has limited cargo storage capacity for potential trading activities. Loadout suggestions include adding more weapons and upgrading the power plant for better performance. While the LX may not be an end-game ship for most players, it offers a versatile and easy-to-fly option for trying out different gameplay activities.

The Aurora LX differentiates itself from other models in the Aurora series with features like a larger Quantum fuel storage tank and potential for bigger missiles. The ship’s bed at the back can be useful for casual players looking to log out without returning to a station. The LX is usually priced at $35 as a standalone ship, but may not always be available for sale in-game. The reviewer suggests that while the ship is fun to fly and has personality, the base model of the Aurora may be a more cost-effective option for most players.

In conclusion, the Aurora LX is praised for its versatility, ease of handling, and unique features compared to other starter ships. While the deluxe model offers some advantages, the reviewer suggests that the base model may be a more practical choice for players looking to start out in the game. The LX is recommended for those who enjoy its flying experience and are willing to invest in a slightly more expensive starter ship with additional features.