Risky Salvage is EASY MONEY in 3.19.1

"You’d best get in on THIS loop before CIG Patch it out!

For a Full Breakdown of 3.19.1’s changes to the Salvage Missions check out this Video here: https://youtu.be/uq80R3HRxXw

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In the 3.19.1 update of Star Citizen, the Salvage missions have been modified, presenting an opportunity for easy money. Previously, a risky Salvage mission offered a payout of 30,000 UEC, but now it contains around 140,000 worth of cargo. This cargo can be found in the personal tab after successfully completing enough legal Salvage claims. To access this mission, players need to embark on the 30k risky Salvage mission, which takes them to a derelict vessel located in the rings of Yela or in the asteroid clusters around the moons of Hurston.

Once players reach the derelict vessel, they will find a cargo valued at approximately 140,000 credits. The next step is to sell the cargo at one of Stanton’s scrap yards. However, it’s important to note that the quantanium within the cargo needs to be sold specifically at a TDD. It is expected that this highly profitable opportunity will be patched out soon, highlighting the urgency for players to seize this chance by engaging in Salvage missions.

Overall, the 3.19.1 update of Star Citizen introduced an enticing opportunity to earn easy money through the updated risky Salvage missions. By successfully completing enough legal Salvage claims, players can access a mission that offers a significantly higher payout of around 140,000 credits worth of cargo. This valuable cargo must be sold at Stanton’s scrap yards, with the exception of quantanium which requires a TDD for selling. As this lucrative method may be patched in the future, it is advisable for players to take advantage of it while it is still available.