RESULTS Hull C LTI Giveaway Citizencon 2023

YouTuber Nuire announces a giveaway for CitizenCon 2023, with a Hull C ship as the main prize. The video also mentions upcoming events like the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE) and expresses gratitude to the Star Citizen community for their support.

YouTuber Nuire announces a giveaway to celebrate CitizenCon 2023. Deadlift has generously donated a Hull C ship with Lifetime Insurance (LTI) to the Star Citizen community. Nuire expresses gratitude towards Deadlift for the added excitement and activity in the Nuba Fire Discord. The giveaway aims to increase Star Citizen awareness during special events like CitizenCon, leading to a larger audience for the game. Nuire thanks patrons for supporting the channel and expanding its reach.

Out of 2700 entries, Citizen Leonard Dong is randomly chosen as the winner of the main prize, the Hull C with LTI. Nuire urges Leonard to contact Deadlift in the Nuba Fire Discord to acknowledge their win. Scammers attempting to interfere with the contest are warned that their actions will be reported to the game developers, CIG, for further investigation.

In preparation for the upcoming Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE), Nuire announces that the next contest will involve an LTI Polaris generously donated by Job. The IAE is a significant event and Job wants to increase the excitement surrounding it. Nuire expresses excitement for the future of Star Citizen in 2023 and acknowledges the support of the community in helping the channel grow.

In conclusion, Nuire congratulates the winner of the Hull C giveaway and expresses gratitude to the Star Citizen community for their support. The next contest involving the LTI Polaris adds to the anticipation for the upcoming IAE. Nuireā€™s goal is to continue growing and providing content to the Star Citizen community, with the help of dedicated citizens like the viewers. The video ends with a reminder to fly safe and the promise to see everyone in the verse.