Remember The Rule of Cool!

“With the Ares set for another tweak in the coming 3.20 patch, I thought it was worth waxing lyrical for a few minutes on the importance of acknowledging game balance whenever getting ready to part with cash (or aUEC) in exchange for interne”

In this video, the speaker discusses the topic of ship buffs and nerfs in Star Citizen and how they can influence players’ purchasing decisions. They specifically address the recent changes made to the Crusader Ares ship, which had previously been unbalanced in terms of firepower. The speaker highlights the importance of game balance over personal attachment to a particular ship, acknowledging that balancing is an ongoing process in game development.

The speaker emphasizes that as players, we have become attached to our ships due to the investment of time and/or money. However, they argue that game balance should take precedence over personal preferences. Drawing a comparison to games like League of Legends, the speaker explains that balance changes are common, and players need to adapt accordingly. They predict that in the future, Star Citizen may introduce systems to facilitate ship exchanges, reducing the impact of buffs and nerfs.

The video advises viewers to follow the “rule of cool” when considering ship purchases. Instead of focusing solely on power and efficiency, the speaker suggests letting personal preference guide ship choices. They caution against being disappointed when ships undergo changes and may no longer meet initial expectations. The speaker mentions conspiracy theories about intentionally overpowered new releases, but dismisses them as unintended consequences of introducing new game elements.

In conclusion, the speaker emphasizes the importance of game balance in Star Citizen, even if it means ships undergo buffs or nerfs. They remind viewers that the ultimate goal of the game is to create the best space experience possible. The video ends with gratitude for watching and an invitation to tune in for future content.