Red Festival CCU Sale

"Red Festival CCU Sale

TLDR: Carrack, 600i, Mole, 400i, Hornet Heartseeker, and Prospector Warbond CCU are available."

The Red Festival CCU Sale is happening, and it brings with it some awesome sales on ships in Star Citizen. The event includes a referral reward, which offers a Dragonfly Black, ADP heavy armor set, and a Ravager shotgun, all color-coordinated in the Red Alert paint scheme. The Dragonfly Black is a $40 ship, making it a great starting point for a CCU chain. However, it’s important to be sure about your CCU chain before using the referral reward ship, as it cannot be melted later.

The Carrack is available at a $40 discount during the sale, and the best choice for a CCU would be the M2 Hercules. The 600i Explorer is discounted by $30, and the Prowler is the recommended CCU option. The Mole offers a $20 discount, and the Harbinger is the best choice for a CCU. The Prospector has a $10 discount, and the Hornet Tracker is a good option for a CCU.

There are also war bond ships available, with the 890 Jump being the only one currently in stock. It offers a $60 discount over the standard pricing. Additionally, there are packs available that include a big ship and a small ship or snub fighter, along with a paint scheme and possibly armor.

Lastly, there is a wide selection of paints available during the Red Festival CCU Sale. While it may not include all paints ever available, there are a significant number to choose from. This is a great opportunity for players who enjoy customizing their ships with different paint schemes.

Overall, the Red Festival CCU Sale offers various discounts on ships and paints, providing players with the chance to upgrade their fleet or personalize their ships.