Reasons why Star Wars Outlaws Feels So Cheap

The author discusses their disappointment with the recently announced game, Star Wars Outlaws. They express their opinion that the game feels cheap and falls behind the standards of AAA games in its genre. They particularly criticize the space flight mechanics, stating that they feel arcade-like and unrealistic compared to games like Star Wars: Squadrons. They also criticize the ground combat and the transitions between ground and space, calling them horrible and dated.

The author also takes issue with the choice of having a predefined character in the game, instead of allowing players to create their own characters. They believe that a fully customizable character would have been a more interesting choice and mention that even the mediocre game, Star Wars: Squadrons, offered this feature. They express their concern that the game lacks depth and challenge, with one-button gameplay and instant gratification moments that they believe will become boring quickly.

Despite their criticisms, the author acknowledges that there is still time for improvements before the game’s release. They express hope that the developers will add a first-person or cockpit view, improve the space flight mechanics, and create a more realistic atmosphere to space transition. However, they remain disappointed with the gameplay shown so far and feel that Massive and Ubisoft missed an opportunity to create a much better game.