Ranking PVE Combat Ships for VHRT & ERT Bounties | A Star Citizen's Guide to the Galaxy | Alpha 3.17

In this video, Subliminal discusses his opinions on how combat ships rank for PvE bounty hunting in the Alpha 3.17 patch of the game. He starts by acknowledging that the improved server performance has made NPCs more skilled at hitting players, making rushing into combat a risky move. Additionally, distortion weapons are no longer as effective as they used to be for disabling enemy ships. These factors have influenced Subliminal’s ship rankings.

He begins by mentioning several ships that he does not recommend for PvE bounty hunting, such as the 100i, Pisces, and various snub ships. He also notes that some ships like the Cutlass Series and Valkyrie are better suited for group play rather than solo missions. Subliminal continues by categorizing ships into different tiers based on their effectiveness in PvE combat. He takes into consideration factors like speed, maneuverability, weapons loadout, and survivability.

In the top tiers, Subliminal places ships like the Connie series, 600i, and Retaliator, which excel in PvE bounty hunting due to their strong firepower, good handling, and ability to withstand encounters with Hammerhead ships. He also mentions the Gladius, Arrow, and Bannu Defender as solid choices for solo PvE missions. Overall, his rankings take into account the current state of the game and aim to guide players in making informed ship purchase decisions for PvE bounty hunting.