Rambling about the cutter experdition - cutter rambler buyers guide | star citizen

In this video, the hosts discuss their confusion and disappointment with the Cutter Rambler ship in Star Citizen. They question its purpose, lacking features, and inconsistencies in design, suggesting it feels like a downgrade compared to other variants.

In this video, the host and his partner discuss the Cutter Rambler, a ship in the game Star Citizen. They admit that their discussion may come across as a rant because they find several aspects of the ship confusing and unappealing. They examine the ship’s exterior differences, such as extra lights and bins, but quickly move on to discuss its shortcomings. They discover that the ship lacks certain features, like the ability to carry a mule vehicle or larger components, which other variants of the Cutter possess. They also question the usefulness of the additional fuel canister and the numerous weapons that can be stored in the ship.

The hosts express their confusion about the purpose and role of the Rambler. They question the need for extra hydrogen fuel tanks when quantum fuel is what most players often run out of. They also find it odd that the ship has a suit locker and an extra seat but lacks clear benefits or explanations for these additions. They compare the ship to the Scout variant, which seems to have better components and a more defined purpose as an explorer.

The hosts conclude that the Rambler feels like a downgrade rather than an upgrade, especially since it offers less cargo space and functionality compared to other variants and ships in the game. They express disappointment with the lack of clear information about the ship’s role and abilities from the game’s marketing. They speculate that the ship may have undergone changes during its development, which could explain the inconsistencies in its design and features. They urge viewers to share their thoughts and perspectives on the ship and its value in the comments section.