Pyro Will Suck Unless This Is Taken Seriously By CIG

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The author begins by discussing the upcoming release of the Pyro system in Star Citizen, which will introduce a lawless and dangerous environment. They emphasize the need for players to have well-stocked ships and experienced crews to ensure their safety in this new system. However, there is a concerning issue that the game developers, CIG, have not addressed. They removed a feature called bed logging, which allows players to log off in their ship’s bed, and this change has significantly impacted the multi-crew gameplay experience. The author hopes that CIG will fix this problem before the Pyro release because it is vital for players to be able to coordinate and rely on their crewmates for successful gameplay.

The author explains that the change to bed logging was made to prevent combat logging, where players would log off to avoid being destroyed or captured during combat. However, CIG also prevented crew members who didn’t own the ship from using the bed, which has essentially eliminated the ability for multi-crew ships to function properly. Previously, players could quickly communicate with their crew and have them join the fight or take over control of the ship. But now, they have to leave the ship to log off, making the process of coordinating a crew tedious and time-consuming.

The author expresses their frustration with the current state of multi-crew gameplay, where the process of gathering a crew and preparing the ship for departure can be lengthy and prone to server crashes. They argue that fixing bed logging is necessary to incentivize players to properly prepare their ships and view them as valuable assets. Additionally, the author suggests that CIG needs to differentiate between friendly and enemy players on the ship and have a system in place for crew members to access ship inventory and sell cargo.

In conclusion, the author urges players to make their voices heard and push for CIG to address the issue of bed logging before the Pyro release. They believe that fixing this problem is crucial for a truly enjoyable multi-crew experience and for players to fully embrace the challenges and opportunities presented in the Pyro system. The author also mentions the upcoming Citizen Con event and encourages viewers to participate in an interactive Bingo competition for a chance to win ships and game packs. They sign off with their name, Dead Leader, and express their hope for a functioning bed logging system in Pyro.