Pyro to release at Citizencon 2953 in Star Citizen?

A YouTuber speculates that the Pyro region will be released at Citizencon 2953 in Star Citizen, based on evidence such as a tweet and an updated event map. They also express concerns about server meshing and mention leaks related to Pyro, while remaining open to alternative theories.

According to a YouTuber, there is speculation that Pyro will be released at Citizencon 2953 in Star Citizen. The YouTuber mentions a tweet that showcases Citizencon goodies, including a mention of Pyro Technic Amalgamated and a message about a new adventure starting. They also observe that the event map has been updated, possibly indicating machines set up at Citizencon for people to play Pyro. The YouTuber wonders if Pyro will have its own server for the event. They also bring up concerns about server meshing, which was supposed to end in September but hasn’t been updated recently. There is speculation about Episode 1 of Squadron coming out, as it’s excluded from the tracker. The YouTuber believes that Citizencon, being the game’s 10th anniversary, may be a big event where Pyro is unveiled. They mention leaks related to Pyro and a dragonfly skin in the Citizencon goodies pack. The YouTuber remains optimistic but open to other theories and reactions from viewers.

In summary, a YouTuber presents evidence and observations suggesting that Pyro may be released at Citizencon 2953. They discuss a tweet, an updated event map, and speculate about a dedicated server for Pyro. They express concerns about the lack of updates on server meshing and speculate about the release of Squadron’s Episode 1. The YouTuber believes that Citizencon could be a significant event for Star Citizen’s 10th anniversary and mentions leaks related to Pyro. They remain open to alternative theories and invite viewer opinions on the matter.