PTU is in Wave 3 Now...Polishing for Live?

The speaker discusses the latest patch notes for a video game, noting that the updates primarily focus on polishing existing features, such as improving settlement lighting and occlusion, increasing cargo capacity for salvage ships, and tweaking weapon ammunition counts. They express interest in the changes, especially the improvements to derelict settlements and resolved issues, suggesting the game is moving towards a more polished state for live release.

In the provided text, the speaker is reviewing the latest patch notes for a video game—presumably Star Citizen—having missed the opportunity to discuss them immediately after their release. They observe that most of the stability issues and testing focuses listed appear unchanged from previous notes. One particular bug mentioned is a problem related to Master modes in ships, advising players to avoid using them. They also acknowledge a bug involving tractor beams, which they’ve previously experienced, yet they need to follow up on the issue council (IC) entry for it.

The patch notes include feature updates, such as lighting and occlusion improvements at derelict settlements and polishing passes for structural salvage. The speaker is concerned about previous performance issues at these settlements, citing complaints about low FPS, and is hopeful that these have been addressed. An increase to 240 Standard Units (SU) for a particular salvage ship is mentioned, aligning with the ship’s actual cargo capacity and the breakdown of larger ships into salvageable chunks, signifying a thoughtful adjustment by the developers.

The speaker discusses their personal gameplay experience of structural salvage using the Reclaimer ship with a five-person crew, expressing satisfaction with the previous cargo management which necessitated a full crew. However, they understand the developer’s decision to increase cargo unit capacity to 240 SU due to how large ship pieces breakdown during salvage operations, specifically referencing the salvage of a C2 ship.

Continuing on feature updates, the patch notes indicate several adjustments and bug fixes. An important update is the reduction of ammunition count for the FS9, which the speaker believes to be appropriate. Front end style updates are also mentioned, though the speaker has not yet seen these changes. Notable bug fixes include a fix for missing recoil on an energy rifle and patches addressing player damage issues in certain FPS modes.

Finally, the speaker comments that the current patch seems to be moving towards final polishing and not the introduction of new features, suggesting that the development is focusing on refining existing content rather than expanding the game. They indicate their intent to check out the new patch, particularly the improvements around derelict settlements, and to experience any other resolved issues firsthand.