Polaris, Fleet Gameplay, Bed Logging, Gunsmiths, Fishing & Ecosystems | Star Citizen Info

The video discusses upcoming features for Star Citizen, including plans for fishing mechanics, collaborative gameplay in fleets, combat improvements, updates on older ships, and the evolving ecosystem with predators, prey, flora, and fauna. Additionally, the game will introduce gunsmiths and weaponsmiths for creating unique weapons, revamp bed logging mechanics, and utilize unused internal spaces in big ships for the Resource Network feature, enhancing ship customization and functionality.

In a recent Bar Citizen event in China, Cloud Imperium members participated in a Q&A session and interview, providing insights into upcoming features for Star Citizen. Fishing mechanics are planned for the game, allowing players to farm, fish, and live off the grid in remote corners of the galaxy. While fishing won’t be available in the short term or for the 1.0 release, it is part of the long-term plans for the game. The idea of off-grid gameplay is highlighted, with players encouraged to explore different activities in the vast universe.

Collaborative gameplay in fleets is emphasized, with a focus on multi-crew ships and engineering systems. Players will work together to manage ship systems efficiently and communicate between ships in a fleet. This teamwork will be crucial for combat, reconnaissance, and industry activities, such as setting up settlements on resource-rich planets. The concept of fleet maneuvers extends beyond combat to include various industrial activities, showcasing the depth of gameplay possibilities in Star Citizen.

Combat in Star Citizen is intended to be close-range, with ongoing tweaks to improve the experience. Long-distance engagements are not planned for the game at this time, as the focus is on visual-range combat. However, the idea of laser designation gameplay is mentioned, where one ship can target enemies for another ship to launch attacks from a distance. The importance of communication and teamwork within fleets is highlighted as a key element of the gameplay experience.

Updates on older ships, such as the Constellation, Cutlass, Aurora, and Mustangs, are planned to bring them up to the current gold standard for the 1.0 release. The Polaris, a capital ship, is progressing towards release, with a dedicated station for firing torpedoes. The Banu Merchantman and Nautilus are not actively in development, but updates on their status will be shared on the roadmap when available. Ship-to-station docking is a priority bug fix, with plans to resolve it for the upcoming cargo updates.

The game’s ecosystem will continue to evolve, with plans for a fully immersive environment featuring predators, prey, flora, and fauna. Realism in plant and animal behaviors, day-night cycles, and weather effects are part of the ecosystem enhancements planned for future updates. The economy system will involve gunsmiths and weaponsmiths who can create unique weapons, encouraging players to explore different locations for exclusive gear. Bed logging mechanics are being revamped for a more robust system, allowing multiple players to log out in a single ship. Unused internal spaces in big ships will serve a purpose in the Resource Network feature, adding depth to ship customization and functionality.