Polaris? Citizen Live in 4min 3sec

Today, May 26th 2023, the Star Citizen Live ‘All Ships’ round-table took place. During the hour-long discussion, they spoke about the Snubs, the manufacturer style guides, the 197 announced ships and buggies, and the major topics such as Quantum Drive, modularity progress, vehicle backlog, and physicalized damage.

The team also discussed the Vulcan, the Fury, the Anvil Montreal ship team, and the Hall C. John confirmed that they are developing physicalized damage for not only vehicles but also environments and props. EPUs are working on tractor gameplay, and there was also discussion surrounding the Polaris. Chris Roberts and Tony Zurovec were mentioned to have worked very closely with developers over the years.

A Gold Standard is being developed for Legacy ships which are not ready for components. At the end of the discussion, Jared gave away a Polaris, and encouraged viewers to share with their friends, fly safe, and stay up to date with any contests or updates.