Planetary Scan Job Missions for all // Elite Dangerous Easy Method

“o7 Commander ! In the Elite Dangerous galaxy, planetary scan missions offer a lucrative and relatively simple way to earn credits, reputation, and exploration data. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a budding pilot seeking new opportuni”

In Elite Dangerous, there are still rewarding and fun missions available for Horizons players, even with the release of Odyssey. One such mission is the planetary scan job mission, which can be found in various stations or settlements. These missions require players to go to a designated system, scan the nav beacon, locate and scan a specific target, and deliver the data back to the starting location. Having an SRV (Surface Reconnaissance Vehicle) is necessary for these missions.

To get the most out of planetary scan job missions, it is recommended to have a surface scanner installed on your ship. This scanner allows players to launch probes at the designated planet, revealing its contents and any structures or settlements present. However, if a surface scanner is not available, getting close enough to the planet will still reveal the mission objective.

Once the player reaches the designated planet, they must land their ship and deploy their SRV. The SRV is perfect for this mission, as it has a cargo capacity of 4 tons. Players will navigate through the planet’s terrain, using night vision and lights to guide their way. Along the way, skimmers may attack, but they are wanted and can be dealt with without gaining penalties.

Upon reaching the target structure, players need to scan the beacon using their discovery scanner. Additionally, there may be canisters in the area that can be picked up to offset any penalties incurred for trespassing. After scanning the data port and retrieving all necessary data, players return to their ship and fly back to the station to complete the mission.

Overall, planetary scan job missions offer an easy and rewarding way to gather materials for engineering. They involve scanning a nav beacon, locating a target structure on a specific planet, and retrieving data. Having an SRV and a surface scanner greatly enhances the experience, allowing players to gather additional materials from canisters and use limpets to collect them effortlessly. With no killing involved, any incurred bounties can be settled at the station’s administration panel.