Pirate Racing Hosted By XGR | Star Citizen | Twitch VOD

The Twitch VOD highlights a Star Citizen racing event hosted by XGR with interesting obstacles like a ship piloted by Euro Trucker, and various ship types in play. Throughout different heats, prominent racers like Shaqnu, DJ Bunton, Quailsar, Connor Riznick, and neoJet faced substantial challenges, resulting in unforeseen winners and many DNQs, but the enthusiasm of new racers remained high with an interest in improving their skills at the XGR racing school.

The assistant begins by chatting about the racing event about to unfold in Star Citizen, highlighting the mixed lineup of racers participating, including developers from the game studio Cloud Imperium Games. They mention the interesting twist to the race - a Caterpillar, a heavy ship piloted by Euro Trucker, placed in random spots on the track to create additional obstacles for the racers. Discussion includes tactics and strategies for the different types of ships participants will be using, specifically the Buccaneer and the Herald, along with their fast speeds and handling characteristics. Also mentioned is the recently opened XGR Ship Racing School for those interested in improving their racing skills.

The results of Heat One were then covered, with Shaqnu emerging victorious and securing a spot in the Pro main race. The race brought forth some surprises, including an incident where a Caterpillar caused the DNQ (Did Not Qualify) of a racer. The assistant also extends an invitation to viewers and racers to join the XGR racing school, led by Shaqnu, for those interested in improving their racing skills.

Heat Two proceeded with DJ Bunton, Quailsar, and Connor Riznick in the lead and neoJet lagging due to other racers obstructing his path early on in the race. However, he managed to clinch the first place after multiple racers crashed out. Connor Riznick also crashed out before finishing the race, and an interesting discussion ensues about how Shaqnu navigates using the Herald, a ship notorious for resisting lateral movement.

Heat number three showed an impressive early lead by Connor, however, after his collision with another ship and his subsequent crash, it was Shaknu who established an early lead. In a surprising turn of events, Shaknu crashed his ship after colliding with some tubes on Harrold. Shaknu took it in stride, acknowledging that getting the Herald around the track in time was going to prove challenging as the ship tends to stall on turns.

The fourth heat resulted in Edwin Jarvis taking the win, with two better-known racers, Numinous and Connor Riznick, DNQ’ing after hitting the Caterpillar. During this heat, the assistant notes that several beginners experienced difficulty navigating the track, causing various crashes and resulting in many of them DNQ’ing. The assistant ends by noting that despite the rocky start, newer racers were still excited about the event and were keen to improve their skills at the XGR racing school.