PHYSICAL DAMAGE - StarMap, Quantum Simulation, MFD | Work Finished August | Star Citizen Update

In a recent video, Mac discusses the features and deliverables that had work completed in August for Star Citizen. These include a reworked AR and map marker system, a polished star map, the physical damage and breakability system, the rope simulation, and various other features aimed at enhancing gameplay and immersion.

In this video, Mac discusses the features and deliverables that had work finishing in the month of August for Star Citizen. He starts by reminding viewers that just because a feature has work finishing in a particular month, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will release in that quarter or year. However, it does give an idea of what work is being done and when. Mac goes on to discuss the various features that completed work in August.

One of the features is the AR and map marker system, which has been reworked to work with building blocks. This will allow players to place markers for navigation purposes and will likely be integrated with the new star map. The work on the star map itself has also come to a close and is now being polished for implementation into the game.

Other features that completed work include the ATC service, the fire hazard system, the Gen 12 renderer Tier 1, the MFD rework, the mission manager app, and the NPC scheduler service. These features contribute to improving the overall gameplay experience, such as enhancing visual effects, improving UI functionality, and optimizing systems for better performance.

Two highly anticipated features that completed work in August are the physical damage and breakability system and the rope simulation. The physical damage system aims to simulate realistic damage on all objects in the game, moving away from traditional health pool systems. This will greatly impact combat, salvaging, and exploration. The rope simulation introduces ropes that interact with pulleys and improves stability, potentially expanding gameplay mechanics in the future.

Lastly, features related to reputation, seated item handling, virtual AI service, and chapters 6, 8, and 9 of Squadron 42 were also completed. These features enhance gameplay immersion, provide discounts based on reputation, allow item usage while seated, and focus on the development and polish of specific campaign chapters for Squadron 42.

Mac concludes by expressing excitement for CitizenCon and hopes that some of these features may be showcased during the event. He also thanks his supporters and encourages viewers to subscribe to his channel for more content.