Patch 3 RELEASE News - Kerbal Space Program 2

"The latest dev update for KSP2 reveals the release window for patch 3. It also gives us a glimpse at some new graphical improvements. Kerbal Space Program 2 patch 3 then, is set for a June release.

The latest Kerbal Space Program 2 Updat"

Patch 3 for KSP 2 is on its way, due for release in June 2022. The update will bring a host of graphical improvements, including an expansion of the Solar Lens Flare system, allowing it to disappear from view of objects in its path. This improvement will also help with polishing and performance. Creative Director Nate Simpson also confirmed some new parts, created by Chris Hadley and brought to life by Alexander Martin.

Design and content teams are said to be working on gameplay improvements as well as bug fixes in preparation for Patch 1.3. It is possible some new content will be released in the update as well, although nothing of that nature has been revealed yet.

It is likely fans of the game will be watching for the patch with high expectations. KSP 2 aims to build on the success of the original, with the upcoming update adding new features and advancements in graphics as well as bug and performance fixes. As June 2022 draws closer, fans will be eagerly awaiting new updates and information.