Our Community Concerns - Stop Selling Ships! May 23 2023

Every once in a while, I choose not to do a Community Concerns video for the week because the community isn’t concerned about anything. Today, the 23rd of May 2023, I chose to work on combing through Spectrum with my deflectors set to maximum, as I try to pick topics that are well presented and have a good banter back and forth.

The first topic I discuss is a question from the E Paladin, asking for clarity from Chris Roberts (CIG) on whether or not there will be a price hike for Squadron 42, which had been removed from the store when everything swapped over for Invictus. I make the point that Chris Roberts likes to “shake the tree” to see who will jump, and that the best way to be sure of when Squadron 42 is released is to wait until the launch tab on the launcher changes to indicate its release.

Finally, I discuss comments from FrostXWolfX, Alpena7, and Michael11, related to game server hopping, the backlog of ships, and the release of new ships. Generally, I suggest that the best way forward is to finish the mechanics that have already been established, rather than jumping into new projects that could cause the company to go bankrupt. I urge viewers to comment on this discussion and to share the video, in hopes that more people will be caught up on what the community is talking about.