Our biggest regrets with star citizen

In the video, hosts AR and Execute discuss their biggest regrets related to Star Citizen, such as missing out on rare skins and opportunities due to lack of information. They reflect on the impact of inaccurate details, missed early opportunities, and how the game has positively influenced their lives and friendships.

In the video, the hosts, AR and Execute, discuss their biggest regrets related to Star Citizen. They delve into various aspects such as missing out on rare skins, not being able to log in at desired times, and the impact of lack of knowledge on their decisions. AR expresses regret over not acquiring certain rare skins like the Soler skin for the Nautilus and missing out on opportunities due to lack of information. Execute, on the other hand, regrets falling into the LTI trap early on and not being able to utilize the zero-dollar CCU era to its full potential.

They also touch upon the issue of inaccurate information on the Star Citizen website, leading to decisions based on incorrect details about ships and their functionalities. AR reflects on the regret of missing the Kickstarter campaign and the early stages of Star Citizen, which could have provided a different perspective and experience. Execute shares his regret of not being able to participate in the banu merchantman and zero-dollar CCU era, missing out on valuable opportunities to acquire ships at discounted rates.

The hosts discuss the evolution of the Star Citizen community and how the game has brought them together with friends they wouldn’t have met otherwise. They acknowledge the life-changing impact of the game on their social circles and personal growth. AR and Execute express their gratitude for the positive influence Star Citizen has had on their lives, despite the regrets they have shared. They encourage viewers to reflect on their own regrets related to the game and share their thoughts in the comments section for further discussion. The hosts conclude by thanking their Patreon supporters and inviting viewers to like, subscribe, and engage with the channel for more content.