Nuclear Option: Naval Warfare Update - New Features and Update Breakdown

The combat flight simulator game, Nuclear Option, has received a major update featuring the addition of the Shard class Corvette warship, its first seagoing vessel, equipped with various weapons and the ability to serve as a mobile rearming and refueling depot. The update also includes new missions, multiplayer updates, graphical improvements, and encourages player feedback for future feature suggestions.

The indie combat flight simulator game, Nuclear Option, has received a major update since entering Early Access on Steam. The highlight of the update is the addition of the Shard class Corvette warship, the game’s first seagoing vessel. The warship features a modern stealth design, equipped with vertical launch tubes housing radar-guided surface-to-air missiles and a 57mm turreted deck cannon. It also has an effective 20mm point defense turret to shoot down incoming missiles or bombs. Players can use the ship’s flat deck area as a mobile rearming and refueling depot for helicopter gunships.

Two new missions with multiple Shard Corvettes have been included, along with the ship’s presence in the game’s escalation open warfare mode. The addition of a helipad on the Shard opens the potential for future amphibious assaults and carrier-based operations in the game. In terms of multiplayer updates, a game-wide text chat option has been introduced, along with various new gameplay options that allow players to customize features such as measurement units, cockpit camera inertia, and auto zoom on the gun B site. Additionally, graphical improvements have been made to water effects and explosions, as well as updates to ground vehicles and the mission editor.

Although still in Early Access, Nuclear Option is already entertaining and holds promise for future updates. Players are encouraged to share their experiences with the new Shard Corvette and landing helicopters on its helipad. Suggestions for future features are also welcome. The full patch notes for the update can be found in the provided link. Viewers are encouraged to like, subscribe, and consider becoming a patron to support the channel. Overall, the game’s development continues to be exciting, and the developers look forward to the community’s feedback and support.