Not Another Roc Mining Video - Star Citizen Gameplay

“In this Star Citizen video, we’re out mining in the Roc, again. It’s been so long since I’ve mined I thought I’d give it the old college try to prepare for more money-making videos in the future. Thanks for being here and for hanging out!”

In this Star Citizen gameplay video, the player, Goodish Gamer, sets out to do some rock mining in the game. They mention that they have been avoiding making plans in the game because things often don’t go as planned. They successfully call their Cutlass ship and head to the mining location in Damar. They express their excitement about being back in their ship and enjoy the stunning visuals of the game.

The player arrives at the Shubin mining facility in Damar and prepares to mine some hadnite. They explain that they are recording the video early in the morning and are currently on vacation. They navigate their ship to the mining site and begin scanning for rocks to mine. The player successfully mines some aftrite, although this is not the ideal material they were hoping for.

They continue their search for hadnite and navigate to different locations on Damar. They make some unsuccessful attempts at mining rocks that turn out to be aftrite. The player explains that they have other real-life responsibilities and commitments, so they decide to sell the materials they have collected and end the video.

In the last part of the video, the player arrives at the Shubin mining facility and attempts to sell the aftrite they have collected. They also come across some loot, but they discover that they cannot sell it immediately. The player concludes the video by thanking their viewers and mentioning that they are currently at Disney World.

Overall, the video showcases the player’s attempt to mine for valuable resources in Star Citizen. Despite not finding the desired material, the player makes the most of their mining experience and decides to sell what they have collected.