Nomad Review | Star Citizen 3.21 4K Gameplay

“In this video, I review the Star Citizen starter ship, the Consolidated Outland Nomad, including a tour as well as detailed ship review. I include gameplay footage of the Consolidated Outland Nomad in 4K at 60FPS (or as close as I could get)”

This video review focuses on the Consolidated Outland Nomad, a versatile starter ship in the game Star Citizen. The review is divided into five sections: ship tour, combat performance, handling and visibility, operating costs, and final summary. The Nomad is described as a space pickup truck, offering flexibility and the ability to experiment with different play styles. The ship tour showcases the cargo bay, sleeping area, food preparation area, and the cockpit.

In terms of combat performance, the Nomad is equipped with three size three armaments, including a gimbal equipped with a badger repeater. It also carries eight size two missiles and has three size one shield generators, making it more durable than other starter ships. While it may not match the performance of dedicated fighters, it allows new players to experience ship-to-ship combat.

Visually, the Nomad provides good visibility with windows above, to the sides, and below, which helps with landing. As a space pickup truck, it surprisingly handles well with a comfortable SCM speed of 180 m/s and tight turns. It can reach a maximum speed of 1,171 m/s, reducing travel time between locations.

Operating costs of the Nomad are relatively low, estimated around 1,000 to 2,000 Alpha UEC for extended use, making it an affordable option for new players. It can engage in low-end combat contracts, box delivery contracts, and basic trading with its cargo bay. The Nomad also has the capability to carry ground vehicles, such as the rock mining Rover, expanding its money-making potential.

In conclusion, the Nomad offers versatility and serves as a good introduction to different gameplay loops. It is forgiving for new players, easy to fly, and has ample space for various activities. However, there are some drawbacks, such as a potentially confusing HUD and occasional bugs with the cargo bay. The comparison to other starter ships in terms of price also highlights that there may be more cost-effective options available.