Nomad Review and Tour | Star Citizen 3.11 Gameplay

"In this video, I review the Star Citizen starter ship, the Consolidated Outland Nomad, including a walkaround as well as detailed ship review. I include gameplay footage of the Nomad. The gameplay for this Star Citizen Consolidated Outland "

This video is a review and tour of the Star Citizen ship, the Consolidated Outland Nomad. The Nomad is positioned as a starter ship and competes with the Avenger in terms of features and gameplay. The video is divided into five sections: ship tour, combat performance, handling and visibility, operating costs, and a verdict.

In the ship tour section, the video showcases the interior layout of the Nomad. There is an entrance ladder, weapon storage racks, a cargo bay window, component access, a small toilet, a personal cargo storage area, a habitation room with a bed and kitchenette, and finally the cockpit with a leather embossed chair.

The combat performance section highlights that while the Nomad is not designed primarily for combat, it is equipped with three size three hardpoints and eight size two missiles. The firepower is considered reasonable for its price range and can handle smaller threats and modest combat missions. Defense-wise, it carries three size one shield generators, which, although weak, make the Nomad more survivable.

The handling and visibility of the Nomad are discussed next. The ship handles well, though not as precisely as sleek fighters. It has good cooling performance and allows for maneuvering with afterburner or boost. However, at planet-side, its handling properties decrease, and it consumes more hydrogen fuel. The Nomad has good visibility thanks to the full-glass cockpit, although a few struts can obstruct the view. The HUD panel screen is a bit too bright, but the controls are well laid out.

The operating costs of the Nomad are relatively low. It is cheap to rearm, repair, and refuel. The main cost would come from replacing fired missiles. The Nomad has a cargo capacity of 24 standard units, which is good for a starter ship and allows for small hauls or contract missions. However, other players can see your cargo, potentially making you a target. The rear cargo bay can also fit small rovers, such as the rock mining rover. The Nomad can handle some combat contracts as well, but they are challenging.

In the verdict, the Nomad is considered a solid starting platform for new players. It is affordable and offers the ability to engage in various money-making activities to build up funds for future ship purchases. The inclusion of a bed and internal storage adds to its appeal. The Nomad is comparably easy to fly and compares well with the Avenger. The visual style of the Nomad is slightly different from other Consolidated Outland ships, and there may be some frame rate issues. Overall, for players who have done their research and are committed to Star Citizen, the Nomad is deemed worth the price.