No Way Early BASE BUILDING in Star Citizen 3.23

A YouTuber discusses potential updates in Star Citizen alpha 3.23, including the introduction of an early base building system, the ability to log in and out at outposts, crafting, purchasable land claims, and DLSS 2 technology. However, the YouTuber expresses skepticism and advises caution, as these updates are based on rumors and not yet confirmed.

In a recent video, the YouTuber discusses potential updates in Star Citizen alpha 3.23, based on information that supposedly came from a recent Bar Citizen event. The rumors suggest that the initial version of a building system, including the ability to construct outposts and bases, may be introduced in this update. However, the details and extent of this feature are not specified, and it may be just the groundwork for future development. Another rumored addition is the ability for players to log in and out at outposts, which would provide a more immersive experience.

Crafting is also mentioned as a potential feature, allowing players to create furniture and beds for their outposts. Additionally, it is suggested that land claims, which were previously only available for purchase with real money, may become purchasable with in-game currency. The development of server meshing, a critical phase in improving server performance, is said to have passed, and the first version of this technology may be implemented in either version 3.23 or the 3.33x branch.

Regarding graphics, it is reported that version 3.23 will include DLSS 2, a technology that enhances visual quality. However, DLSS 3 implementation has been delayed due to a significant problem. In terms of trade, the YouTuber mentions that the handling of cargo for the Hull series of ships may be managed differently, although further details are not provided. Improvements to real-time signage in cities and the inclusion of commodity pricing in the mobiGlas are also mentioned, which would assist traders in making more informed decisions.

While the rumors suggest that these features may be introduced in version 3.23, the YouTuber expresses skepticism and considers them to be optimistic and wishful thinking. It is recommended to approach these rumors with caution and await official confirmation. The video concludes with gratitude towards supporters and a reminder of an upcoming giveaway.