No contest - Star Citizen Piracy Gameplay - 3.20

“While looking for an outpost on Arial with a working refueling and repairing facilities, the Mantis pilot of a small hunting crew comes across a Carrack that looked like it was loading up with ground vehicles. Shortly after repairing and re”

In this video, a player in Star Citizen is on a server and communicates with their crew to check if a specific player is still present. They spot a Carrick ship loading ground vehicles and an A2 Hercules Starlifter landing at an outpost. Suspecting that the A2 might be there to purchase cargo, the player’s crew leaves to check other outposts for more lucrative targets. However, finding nothing, they return to the previous outpost to see if the A2 is a potential target.

Once back on their ship, they confirm that the A2 is still present and fully loaded with titanium. The player decides to engage and initiate a pirate attack. They chase after the A2, attempting to disable it and capture its cargo. The A2 tries to escape by flying towards the sun to blind the player, but the player manages to stay close and continue their pursuit.

During the chase, the player notices that the back ramp of the A2 is open. They continue their attack, maneuvering and firing at the A2. The player’s crew member covers the ladder while the player tries to open the elevator door to access the A2. Eventually, they succeed in incapacitating the pilot of the A2 and take off his helmet to prevent him from respawning.

After securing the A2, the player retrieves a cargo ship and transfers the captured titanium to it. They plan to take the prize to Reclamation and Disposal on Hurston to sell it. However, their plans are interrupted when they spot an Eclipse stealth bomber. Not wanting to take any chances, they quickly destroy the Eclipse.

In the end, the player successfully sells the captured titanium for a total of 91,360 alpha UE.