Night Vision using Reshade - Star Citizen 3.17.2 Night Vision combat examples

In this video, the player demonstrates the use of night vision in Star Citizen 3.17.2, showcasing combat scenarios, improved visibility, and enhanced AI behavior. They strategically engage enemies, coordinate with their team, and overcome challenges to successfully navigate through the game’s environment.

In this video, the player demonstrates the use of night vision in the game Star Citizen version 3.17.2. They showcase various combat scenarios utilizing the night vision feature. The player is equipped with an electrician and a laser, taking on targets in a watchtower and on the ground. They coordinate with their team members and strategically eliminate enemies.

The player highlights the effectiveness of the night vision, stating that it provides clear visibility even in dark areas. They mention the benefits of standardizing this feature for their group and consider integrating it into their standard setup. The player expresses their dislike for the darkness and appreciates the improved night vision quality.

While exploring, the player encounters other players engaged in activities like landing ships and potentially committing crimes. They discuss the enhancement in AI behavior, noting that enemies seem more active and responsive. The player engages in combat, using grenades and firearms to take down opponents. They also experience a glitch that causes them to lose their weapons temporarily.

After successfully securing an area, the player regroups with their team and plans their next move. They encounter more enemies, take cover, and engage in intense firefights. Despite some setbacks, like being hit, the player remains focused and determined. They ultimately overcome the challenges and successfully navigate through the game’s environment.

Overall, the video demonstrates the effective use of the night vision feature in combat situations, showcasing improved visibility, enhanced AI interactions, and the player’s strategic gameplay.