New Star Citizen Starter Ship The Gatac Syulen

The Gatac Syulen is a new starter ship in Star Citizen, featuring a unique vertical landing and alien design. While its purpose and practicality as a starter ship are still uncertain, its aesthetics and potential pricing will play a role in its appeal to players.

The Gatac Syulen is a new starter ship in Star Citizen. It is an alien ship that lands vertically, which is unique compared to other ships in the game. The purpose of the ship is still unclear, but it is meant to be a starter ship for players entering the game. The ship has a busy and imposing design, with many features and components.

The interior of the ship has a vertical layout, with different levels accessible by an elevator. It includes an engineering space, habitation deck, and a cockpit. The habitation deck has a cave-like feel, with rock-textured walls, and a bed area embedded into the wall. The ship also features a bathroom with a unique design that showcases the alien nature of the ship.

The cockpit is described as a “cathedral” with ample space and a seat that floats up, giving a rocket-launching feeling. The ship has a mechanism that assembles behind the pilot seat, creating a sense of anticipation before takeoff. Overall, the aesthetic of the ship is alien and unique, reflecting the design ethos of the Gatac manufacturer.

The author expresses mixed feelings about the ship. While they appreciate the unique design and verticality, they are uncertain about its practicality as a starter ship. They question whether it will have any use beyond being a taxi or quick ship for fast travel. The author also highlights the potential annoyance of having to use elevators extensively in the ship. They suggest that the ship’s price will also play a role in its appeal to players, as well as the likelihood of players upgrading to larger ships in the near future.