NEW SHIPS INCOMING - Gatac, RSI, Tumbril & IAE FREE FLY | Star Citizen This Week

In this week’s Star Citizen updates, players can look forward to a free fly event, the release of a new law post exploring human-Banu encounters, and updates on new ships like the Gatac Suen, RSI Arter, and AA variant of the Tumbril Storm. There will also be a Q&A session, sales, and streaming sessions for fans to engage with the game and get updates on upcoming releases.

This week in Star Citizen, there are several exciting updates and events happening. On Monday, the free fly schedule for the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo was published, allowing players to experience Star Citizen for free. On Tuesday, the narrative team will release a new law post titled “Jerry: A History Half Remembered,” which explores the first encounter between humans and the Banu race. The annual Intergalactic Aerospace Expo FAQ will also be posted on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the latest road map update will be released, and players are hoping for more information about what is coming with Alpha 3.22. Thursday’s “Inside Star Citizen” episode will be the first part of the two-part IAE coverage, focusing on new ships like the Gatac Suen, an entry-level cargo hauler, the RSI Arter, a heavy mining platform, and an AA variant of the Tumbril Storm, among potentially more exciting prospects. If a specific ship you’re interested in is not covered this week, there’s a chance it will be discussed in part two next week.

Friday’s Star Citizen Live will feature the CitizenCon Q&A, specifically addressing the FPS and flight panels that were showcased at the event. This allows for a deeper understanding of the information shared during CitizenCon and what players can expect. In terms of upcoming updates, the Pyro system and tech preview channel are being worked on, and initial testing of Pyro has now concluded. Alpha 3.21.1, is expected to release soon, followed by the Pyro system being introduced to the tech preview channel.

Additionally, there is a sale going on for the eye tracker 5, which will be available at a 20% discount for Black Friday. For those interested in purchasing one and supporting the channel, there will be a link provided in the video’s description. The persistent Universe monthly report coverage will also be released, and there will be streaming sessions on Wednesday and Friday, where backers and newcomers can ask questions about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Overall, it is shaping up to be an exciting week for Star Citizen enthusiasts.