New Ship! C1 Spirit

The Twitch stream host is excited to explore the new C1 Spirit ship in Star Citizen, comparing it to the Zeus and considering it a potential upgrade from the Cutless for solo and duo flights. During the stream, they review the ship’s features, take it for a test flight, and experience a game crash, ultimately concluding that the Spirit C1 is a solid choice with a balance of cargo space and amenities, though its appeal may depend on personal aesthetic preferences.

A live Twitch stream where the host is excited to check out a new ship in Star Citizen, called the C1 Spirit. The host starts the stream by possibly renaming a folder to access the new update, specifically mentioning to rename the “LIVE” folder to “EPU” (a typical process for updating game files in a beta or test environment). The host greets the viewers and proceeds to potentially download the update, expressing their eagerness to review the newly released ship.

The host discusses their concern about the Spirit C1, comparing it with another ship called the Zeus, which is a competitor in size and functionality. The new Zeus ship has become a point of reference due to its superior attributes and higher price. Despite these concerns, the streamer indicates a hope that the C1 will still impress since they desire an upgrade from their current main ship, the Cutless. They aim for a vessel that serves well for solo flights with the option to bring a friend along.

Once in the game, the host examines the Spirit C1 ship, exploring its features, including the cockpit and cargo area. They comment on the ship’s sleek design and express an overall positive feeling towards it but still question if it will be enough to overshadow the Zeus ship. They discuss value for money, indicating the ship could be a decent successor to the introductory Aurora ship for those looking to upgrade within the game without spending real money, although there’s a possibility the price might rise after its initial sale.

The host explores deeper features of the Spirit C1, finding a tractor beam and various ship components. They take the ship for a test flight, noting its handling feels the same as another ship they know, the A1. After landing the ship using its VTOL capabilities, the streamer ventures outside to appreciate the design and scale, all while comparing it to other Crusader ships and the competitor Zeus.

Finally, the host experiences a game crash while attempting to explore more features, such as the ship’s paint options. Despite the crash, the streamer wraps up the session stating they enjoyed the preview of the C1 Spirit. The overall takeaway is that the Spirit C1 is a solid ship for solo players, providing a decent cargo capacity and the necessary amenities for both solo flight and having a friend onboard. They recognize that personal aesthetic preferences will play a significant role in whether players choose the Spirit C1 over other options like the Zeus.