New Settlements Coming to Star Citizen at THE END of 2023

The upcoming 3.22 patch for Star Citizen will introduce various exciting additions, including new hairstyles for character customization, derelict settlements in the Stanton system for trading and missions, and upgraded Arena Commander maps allowing for multi-crew gameplay with larger ships. Players can look forward to a range of new content and enhanced gameplay experiences in the near future.

In this video, the creator discusses the recent roadmap update for Star Citizen’s 3.22 patch. They start off by mentioning their upcoming release of Star Citizen Wars part five, a recreation of Star Wars in Star Citizen. Moving onto the roadmap update, the first exciting addition mentioned is the player hair update. The character customizer will be updated with 20 new hairstyles from Squad 42, including long hair for both male and female characters. However, it is not mentioned if facial hair will be included.

The next update mentioned is the addition of new derelict settlements. These settlements, similar to the ones seen in Pyro, will be coming to the Stanton system. They will offer new opportunities for trading, missions, and social interactions with NPCs. These settlements will be scattered throughout the system, including possibly on Microtech, Hurston, and its moons.

Arena Commander, the popular game mode in Star Citizen, is also getting some upgrades. New Arena Commander maps based on the derelict settlements will be introduced in 3.22. This will allow players to engage in dogfights in atmosphere above the settlements. While classic race and pirate swarm won’t be included in these new maps, squadron battles might make an appearance, providing the opportunity for ground vehicle combat.

The next exciting update pertains to multi-crew gameplay and spawn locations. All maps in Arena Commander will be updated with new spawn locations, allowing for the long-awaited introduction of multi-crew gameplay. This means players will be able to utilize larger ships like the Carrack and Hammerhead in Arena Commander. The update will apply to squadron battles, pirate swarm, team tank battle, and free flight game modes.

Overall, the upcoming 3.22 patch for Star Citizen offers several exciting additions. From new hairstyles for character customization, to the introduction of derelict settlements in the Stanton system, to upgrades in Arena Commander allowing for multi-crew gameplay, there’s something for everyone. Players can look forward to exploring new locations, engaging in intense battles, and experiencing the evolving gameplay of Star Citizen.