New Player Guide to Star Citizen

“In this video, I walk you through step by step your first 4 hours of gameplay in Star Citizen, teaching you how to earn your first 70,000 UEC and work towards buying your first ship in the verse. By the end, you’ll know how to never run ou”

In this video guide to Star Citizen, the narrator provides helpful advice and tips for new players. He begins by explaining that the starting point for all players is Port Olisar, where they can access their mobiGlas to view character stats, money, and crime stat. The guide then takes players through the initial steps of obtaining essential items like med pens and chem-lights from the Live-Fire Weapons shop, as well as purchasing a new rucksack from Garrity Defense. The rucksack is important for the new inventory system, which is used for collecting valuable items.

Next, the guide instructs players on how to call out their ship from the ESOP terminal and gives a brief overview of the Avenger Titan ship. It covers basic movement controls and the use of the comms menu for communication with Port Olisar for landing and takeoff instructions. The guide then explains flight control basics using mouse and keyboard inputs, such as pitch, yaw, roll, and strafing. It also covers the use of countermeasures and firing weapons.

The guide moves on to Levski, a major city on the planet Delamar. Players are advised to land at major cities in order to set a spawn point and avoid the inconvenience of respawning at Port Olisar. At Levski, players are directed to conscientious objects to purchase a mining tool, a necessary item for the upcoming mining mission. The guide emphasizes the importance of equipping the mining attachment for the tool.

The fourth section focuses on mining in caves, specifically on the planet Aberdeen. Players are advised to look for valuable rocks like aphrat and hadanite, and to be cautious of potential dangers like drops and explosions. The guide provides instructions on how to mine rocks using the multi-tool, modifying the power output, and collecting the valuable resources. It also covers how to find the missing client’s body in the cave. Players are encouraged to sell their mined resources at designated outposts on the same planet.

Finally, the guide introduces the rental system at Vantage rentals in Lorville, explaining that players can rent ships like the Freelancer or a mining ship. The guide recommends using the Freelancer for its versatility, as it can engage in both combat and hauling activities. The guide provides two profitable routes for cargo hauling, emphasizing efficient turnaround times and the importance of selling to specific locations. The video concludes by highlighting the ongoing development of Star Citizen and expressing gratitude to viewers and developers.