New Materials! - Thargoid Titan Farming | Elite Dangerous Update 15

In this video, players were shown how to travel and collect new materials from the Thargoid Titans, located in the Thargoid Maelstrom Centre in Elite Dangerous. Players need a fast ship, such as an Alliance Chieftain, and to equip it with a beam laser, caustic sync, cargo racks, collector and thruster inputs, and a thyron pulse neutralizer, which they can get from rescue ships all over the bubble. Players must also stock up on unclassified relics and energy search analysis, as well as two additional materials, which they can find by killing Scouts and collecting Thargoid sensors, respectively. As players approach the centre, they must use their pulse laser to keep their ship cool and avoid being detected by Turrets. Once inside, they can collect membrane residue from launch tubes, heat vent aberrations from heat vents, and hardened surface fragments from chorus hole surfaces. Players should also take the time to appreciate the beauty of the centre.