New info - CON42 Developer Q&A No BS

Con 42, a fan event for Star Citizen, was held on April 22nd, 2023 in Frankfurt. The event was hosted at the Willie Brad Hall and featured an eight-hour livestream. The livestream included a welcome panel featuring Paul from HCS Voice Packs, who spoke about the challenges of supporting an evolving game in alpha state. He also mentioned the need for an API to improve performance and asked for support in achieving this.

Brian Chambers, the development director for CIG Frankfurt, spoke about his background in the film industry and his journey to CIG Frankfurt. He acknowledged the flexibility of the company, despite its growth to over 1000 people, and spoke about his excitement for the upcoming release of Squadron 42. Admiral Esports was also featured in a panel, which discussed the early days of the organization, community support, and expansion into new events.

The event also featured a show floor with community organizations and sponsors, as well as raffled-off signed photos from various actors. Attendees were able to enjoy beer and talk about Star Citizen. Overall, Con 42 was a successful event, and the livestream allowed those who were unable to attend to experience the event.