New Easy 300,000 auec Trade Route in Star Citizen 3.21

This video showcases a new trade route in Star Citizen 3.21, focusing on trading He Festanite using a C2 Hercules for high profits. The content creator highlights the scenic environment, teases upcoming features, and demonstrates a smooth landing and profitable trading experience at laville.

In this video, the content creator takes the viewers on a journey to the Stanton pyro jump point in Star Citizen 3.21. The jump point is beautifully designed with volumetric clouds and serves as a teaser for the upcoming 4.0 update. The video starts with the protagonist landing their ship at a station near the jump point. They then proceed to the admin area to check out the commodities tab, where they discover the prices for He Festanite and Aon. They decide to trade He Festanite using a C2 Hercules, a profitable choice for smaller ships. The station has a large cargo capacity, ensuring there’s plenty of He Festanite available for all traders.

The content creator purchases a significant amount of He Festanite for 1.6 million Alpha UEC and takes off to showcase a profitable trade route. They mention that while the station usually sees heavy traffic with HSEs, the rest of the cargo holds are often filled with iron. However, the C2 Hercules can land in a hangar, allowing them to exploit this trade opportunity. They make a smooth landing at laville, a newly designed location, and head to the commodity kiosks to sell the He Festanite.

At laville, the creator sells the He Festanite for an impressive 1.9 million Alpha UEC, resulting in a 300,000 Alpha UEC profit from a single trip. They note that even though they need to return to the station, it is still a short trip with a high profit margin. By repeating these runs, traders can quickly accumulate a million Alpha UEC. The video concludes with a reminder to support the channel through Patreon and expresses gratitude to the existing supporters.

Overall, the video provides a guide on a new trade route in Star Citizen 3.21, highlighting the profitability of trading He Festanite using a C2 Hercules. The stunning visuals and upcoming features generate excitement, while the content creator showcases their smooth landing and profitable trade experience at laville. The concise summary aims to help viewers make money efficiently within the game.