New Details REVEALED about Creatures in Star Citizen 3.23

The latest update for Star Citizen 3.23 introduces new creatures like The Copion and The Marok, with details on their behaviors and habitats. Additionally, improvements to water simulation and rendering, as well as enhancements to various UI elements and interactions, are included in the update, though some features are not yet available for testing.

In the latest update for Star Citizen 3.23, new details have been revealed about creatures that will be introduced with the patch. The apex predator, known as The Copion, is a four-legged creature found in savannas, snow, deserts, and cave biomes on planets like Microtech and Hurston. The Copion is non-hostile when alone but becomes aggressive in packs, using sharp claws and teeth for melee attacks. Hunting these creatures is expected to be thrilling, especially when dealing with multiple Copions, which may require ground vehicles for safety.

Another creature introduced is The Marok, a birdlike creature with a long beak and batlike wings. The Marok belongs to the Boits family and exhibits flocking behavior, found in savannas, snow, deserts, and cave biomes like the Copion. Unlike Copions, Maroks are not hostile towards humanoids and will disperse when approached. They come in various colors that suit their environments, adding an interesting element to the game.

The update also includes improvements to water simulation and rendering in Star Citizen. The wave simulation has been reworked, creating a new multi-layer scale region water surface animation system. Ocean and water volumes are now affected by physical objects and forces from thrusters and ship wakes. Underwater fog has been enhanced, resolving rendering issues, and the appearance of water when intersecting the camera has been vastly improved.

Additionally, the patch includes enhancements to Mobiglass UI, AR UI, and health widget icons. Water interactions now react to explosions, and missing reverse UVS have been fixed. However, not all features are available for testing yet, such as Master modes, Pie the Fright elevators, distribution centers, hauling missions, and repetition-based hostility. More patches are expected in the future, indicating that the update may not be ready for wave one of testers, requiring extra patience from players.