New derelict outposts in 3.20 ptu

“Quick and dirty video.”

In version 3.20 of the PTU (Public Test Universe) for the game Star Citizen, new derelict outposts have been added. These outposts can be discovered while undertaking the mission “remove illegal occupants.” One of the new locations is called “Something Ridge” (exact name not remembered), and while it is not complete, it is a cool addition. The user expresses excitement about these new locations and finds them to be visually appealing.

The user accidentally stumbles upon another massive derelict outpost while exploring. This location appears to be unfinished, with missing textures and strange elements in the environment. It resembles a bar and shops inside, with roads represented by gray boxes. Despite being incomplete, the user is impressed by its size and scale. It appears to be a location that may not be intended for the current version of the game, possibly intended for a future patch.

To find these new derelict outpost locations, players can take the “remove illegal occupants” mission. The first location mentioned by the user is located in an area called “Something Rich,” although the exact title of the location is not provided. This mission may also lead players to another location called “Ghost Hollow.”

The user concludes the video by asking viewers to leave a thumbs up or thumbs down on the video and mentions that the video was made quickly to share their excitement about the new locations. They bid farewell and wish viewers a great day.