NEW 3.22 SHIPS & VEHICLES - 3.22 Live Release Soon & Luminalia | Star Citizen This Week

This week in Star Citizen, players can look forward to a Spectrum Ask the Dev session, a road map update, and episodes of Inside Star Citizen and Star Citizen Live. Additionally, Luminalia has begun, offering players a 12 days of giving Advent calendar and referral bonuses. The highly anticipated 3.22 patch, currently in the Evocati PTU, is expected to be released before the Christmas break, with players encouraged to help find bugs and provide feedback.

This week in Star Citizen, there are several exciting events and updates to look forward to. Firstly, the narrative team will be answering questions from players in a Spectrum Ask the Dev session. On Wednesday, there will be a road map update, although not much is expected to change since the release of patch 3.22 is close. On Thursday, Inside Star Citizen will showcase the upcoming ships of patch 3.22, including the Santo Ki, X1 variants, and a new Drake cutter variant called the Ranger. Finally, on Friday, Star Citizen Live will feature members of the AI team discussing their plans for settlements and improving the AI.

In other news, Luminalia has begun, which is described as the “inverse Christmas of Banu Origins.” They have a 12 days of giving Advent calendar where players can click on each day to receive a small prize. Additionally, there is a referral bonus where both the referrer and the new player receive free in-game gear when someone pledges for the game using a referral code.

Regarding patch 3.22, Cloud Imperium State is working towards its release before the Christmas break. They are urging players to help find bugs in order to fix them. The patch is expected to go live around December 20th, but the exact date may vary depending on the number of bugs remaining. The 3.22 patch has already been released on the Evocati PTU (Public Test Universe) and will soon make its way to the live server.

However, the presenter, Ryan, mentioned that he’s been ill and unable to fully experience the patch. He noted some severe client FPS drops when approaching the new derelicts in the game, but is optimistic that these issues will be resolved. He asks viewers to share their experiences with patch 3.22 in the comments.

Ryan also mentioned upcoming videos, such as a progress tracker video for November’s work. However, due to his illness, he may not be able to stream this week. He thanks his subscribers and patrons for their support and encourages viewers to consider subscribing to his channel.

Overall, it looks like an exciting week in the world of Star Citizen with various events, ship updates, and goodies for players to enjoy.