My opinion on StarField | Hello Dave 304

In this video, the speaker reviews their experience with Starfield, expressing overall enjoyment of the game’s combination of Skyrim and Fallout elements in a space setting, while also mentioning some criticisms with the travel system. They also mention the availability of mods for the game and provide information about a free fly event in Star Citizen, as well as announcing a change in their livestream schedule to accommodate the launch of Starfield.

In this video, the speaker reviews their experience with Starfield, which recently released in early access. They express their overall enjoyment of the game, specifically highlighting the combination of Skyrim and Fallout elements with a space setting. However, they mention some points of critique, such as the travel system which lacks the feeling of seamless travel and instead relies on cut scenes and loading screens. Despite this, they appreciate the engaging main mission and the abundance of smaller side missions that offer a variety of options and keep players easily sidetracked.

The speaker briefly touches upon the crafting mechanics, including shipbuilding and weapon customization, expressing interest in exploring these features further. They mention that there are already numerous mods available for Starfield, offering DLSS support, performance optimization, field of view sliders, reshaders, and even content mods like new spacesuits. However, the speaker plans to wait for the game to stabilize before diving into mods.

Shifting gears, the speaker mentions that Star Citizen is currently in a free fly event where players can access the game for free and fly a selection of expensive ships. They provide information on how to participate in the event and encourage interested viewers to check it out.

Lastly, the speaker mentions a change in their livestream schedule, moving it from Tuesday to Wednesday. They plan to livestream Starfield on its official launch day, aiming to make a spoiler-free stream where they focus on minor quests and avoid major plotlines. The goal is to provide a place for new players to ask questions and get a sense of the game without encountering significant spoilers. The livestream will take place at the usual time of 7 PM GMT.