My new Star Citizen Daily Driver?

"Star Citizen 3.22 is officially out and with it, new ships have been released and one of them is the cutter rambler. It’s a small solo ship that’s the perfect travel companion for any solo adventurer. With everything you need to survive on "

In this Star Citizen video, the content creator introduces the Cutter Rambler, a ship that has changed their opinion on the Cutter. The Rambler is a variant of the Cutter and is designed as an expedition caravan ship. The exterior of the Rambler looks similar to the Cutter, but it has additional space for a bigger Quantum fuel tank and different engines. While the storage space is slightly smaller, the interior of the Rambler has been expanded, featuring a seating area, kitchen, bathroom, and storage compartments. The cockpit of the Rambler is also praised for its design.

The Rambler is described as a daily driver ship, suitable for transportation and providing a comfortable living space. It is not designed for combat, but it does have two size one repeaters and four size one missiles. The content creator takes the Rambler on a mission and engages in combat, showcasing its limited combat capabilities. Despite its limitations, the content creator enjoys flying the Rambler and praises its overall design and functionality. They particularly appreciate the ability to customize and upgrade the ship’s components.

During the mission, the content creator encounters multiple enemy ships, including a player-controlled ship. They successfully neutralize the targets and complete the mission objective. However, they experience significant frame rate issues when approaching a location on the planet, which greatly affects their gameplay experience. Despite this setback, the content creator remains positive about the Rambler and concludes that it is a great all-round ship that many players will enjoy. They express their excitement for the ship and look forward to using it in future gameplay.