My First Impressions | Gatac Syulen

In this video, the content creator provides a first look at the Gatak Syulen ship in Star Citizen. They describe its unique landing gear design, cargo capacity, and combat capabilities, recommending it as a great combat starter ship for new players, with a potential advantage over other ships in terms of cargo space.

In this video, the content creator provides a first look at the Gatak Syulen ship in Star Citizen. The video begins with the creator expressing excitement about flying and efficiently landing the ship. They note the unique landing gear design and explain that the cargo hold can hold six SCU boxes using grav technology. The ship is equipped with three size three repeaters, making it a visually appealing combat starter ship.

Moving on to the interior of the ship, the creator explores the different levels. The first level contains component storage, including two size one shield generators and a size one cooler. The second level, called the hab deck, features a bathroom with a Jean Ural sink and toilet, as well as a bed and a computer that doesn’t seem to have any functionality yet.

The creator then takes the ship for a spin, testing its flight capabilities in both atmospheric and space environments. They find the ship to be nimble, although they do mention that it feels somewhat sluggish in atmospheric flight. They also demonstrate landing the ship using Auto Land, which they find to be the easiest and preferred method.

The video continues with the creator engaging in combat and bounty missions with the ship. They express satisfaction with its performance, stating that it is a solid combat starter ship, though perhaps not as agile as the Arrow. The creator highlights the Syulen’s 60 SCU cargo space as a potential advantage over other combat starter ships.

In conclusion, the content creator recommends the Gatak Syulen as a great combat starter ship for new players. They consider it a strong contender against the Titan and praise its capabilities, although they anticipate that the ship’s vulnerability to damage during PvP combat might be a drawback. Nonetheless, the creator finds the ship well-priced and predicts that many players will choose to upgrade to it.