My Favorite Trade Route in Star Citizen 3.19 Make Money Fast Trading Guide for Star Citizen 2023

"Let me show you one my my favorite trade routes in Star Citizen 3.19! You will make money fast in Star Citizen 3.19 with this handy 2023 trading guide. With this route you can average 500k or more per trip if you own a C2! In this Star Citizen 2023 trading guide I do two trips. Will I make a Million aUEC?? Let’s find out!

FYI TDD is at Cloudview Center, not on the Providence Platform.

Best BUY locations for trade routes in Star Citizen 3.19

SMO -10 on Microtech
SMO - 22 on Microtech

After selling at Orison don’t forget to buy a load a scrap to sell at Hurl 5.

Arcorp System = Arcorp Mining Area - 056 on Wala for the following trade route commodities.


Sell in microtech to restart the loop buying Beryl.

Hurston System = Lathan or Bezdek on Ariel for the following trade route commodities.


Sell in Microtech to restart the loop buying Beryl."

Star Citizen is an expansive space trading and combat simulator game that allows players to make money by participating in trade runs. In this video, we look at a step-by-step guide on how to make money fast using the Glorious C2 ship in Star Citizen 3.19. The video guides players through a series of stops and offers tips on how to make the most profit from each one.

The first part of the run begins in the Schuman Mining Facility (SMO10) located on the planet of Microtech. Players should ensure that their cargo is visible in their ship’s inventory before they leave the area. From here, the next step is to take a shuttle to the Crusader system and sell the cargo at Orison for a profit of 353,277 aUEC.

Next, players must stock up on scrap from the Hurston System then head to Microtech where they can sell the scrap at New Babbage for about 38,280 aUEC. After that, players should load up on laranite and titanium from Bezdek and Lathan, respectively, before heading back to New Babbage to sell the cargo for a final profit of 990,074 aUEC. Overall, if followed correctly, this route should help traders make some good money.