My E3 best of show - Cyberpunk 2077! Also Anthem, Starfield and Fallout

The author shares their excitement for upcoming games showcased at E3, with Cyberpunk 2077 being their top pick. They discuss their thoughts on Anthem, Starfield, and Fallout 76, expressing both enthusiasm and cautious optimism for these titles.

The author begins by expressing their excitement for the recently revealed games at E3. They mention Cyberpunk 2077 as their favorite, along with other highly anticipated titles like Anthem, Starfield, and Fallout 76. They also express interest in Red Dead Redemption 2, Pokémon for the Switch, Just Cause 4, and The Division 2. They mention their confusion about Death Stranding and the humor they found in a comment comparing one of the characters to Daryl from The Walking Dead.

Moving on, the author discusses their love for the Elder Scrolls series, particularly Skyrim. They reminisce about their first experience playing the game and their anticipation for Elder Scrolls 6. They also express excitement for Starfield, hoping for a Skyrim-like space game with spaceships and guns. However, their most anticipated game is Cyberpunk 2077, which they have been waiting for since its first teaser in 2012. They express frustration about the lack of a release date but speculate that it may be released by next year.

Next, the author discusses their excitement for Anthem, despite currently playing Destiny 2. They explain that Anthem scratches the itch they have for a shooter game with its Ironman-like suits, progression system, and lack of loot boxes or paywalls. They mention being initially turned off by the flashy numbers and combo system in the gameplay trailer but believe that feedback will be taken into account and certain aspects will be toned down.

The author then expresses their thoughts on Fallout 76, stating that they are a huge fan of the Fallout series but are cautious about this multiplayer experiment. They wonder if having other players in the game will detract from their preferred solo experience and express curiosity about how the multiplayer mechanics will work, including the possibility of others sabotaging their in-game base. They are also skeptical about the significance of the game’s increased map size, questioning if it will contain enough meaningful content.

In the final paragraph, the author mentions their anticipation for the upcoming beta versions of both Anthem and Fallout 76. They invite readers to share their thoughts on whether they prefer solo or multiplayer experiences in Fallout. They conclude by teasing the release of a new ship in the Star Citizen game and encourage readers to subscribe and give a thumbs-up to be notified about future videos.