Moved to 'www' subdomain! We are now at

Hey Members (@trust_level_1),

I apologise for the recent disruption of the site, we’ve had one unforced and one forced error:

  • YouTube API was playing up so videos were being posted late
  • I’ve moved the site to the www subdomain to accommodate adding a CDN at some point to speed the site up. This has unfortunately caused a problem with the old web address and as a result automated redirection so you may see a scary error in the browser because I’ve messed up the original certificate: ignore it and just point yourself to the new location and update your bookmarks:, - the certificate for the new location is fine!

I’ll fix the redirection at some point.

Phew! :sweat_smile:

UPDATE: all fixed now … old web address should work too.

Might have trashed our SEO with that little drama though!