Monthly Report July 2023 in 3min 07sec

The July 2023 monthly report from Anubifier CIG highlighted progress in AI, ship art, engineering, missions and events, graphics, interactables, and lighting. The team made improvements in NPC behavior, ship designs, mission features, graphical enhancements, and bug fixes while also working on polishing existing content.

In the July 2023 monthly report, Anvil Aerospace shared updates on various aspects of the game. Under AI, they mentioned the development of NPCs that can smoothly transition between different environments with gravity and enter/exit ships through airlocks and hatches. They also discussed the progress made on two-dimensional voids such as rodents that move using navmesh animation. Improvements were made to the visual quality of reloads and takedowns, and basic idles for weapons and character were worked on.

In terms of ship art, the RSI Polaris entered the white box phase, and the interior white box phase was completed. Final art was done on an unannounced ship and the Crusader A1 Spirit, while the C1 Spirit is still in the gray box phase. They also mentioned the progress made on two more unannounced ships, one of which is in the gray box phase. Additionally, an all-new unannounced vehicle is in white box, except for one variant. Progress is being made on the santok eye and the origin X1 engine.

The engineering team reported working on various aspects, such as star build progression, bug fixes, physics code bug fixes, and improvements in server meshing. They also mentioned implementing skill progressions, sliding mechanics for sprinting, and ship trespass features, which are currently in testing. Several missions and events are being worked on, including retrieve consignment, blockade runner global event, and cargo mission planning.

Graphics improvements include global illum basic implementation, temporal super resolution, and AMD resolution API for the Vulcan backend. Bug fixes and in-game branding for upcoming events were also mentioned. The interactables category focused on polish work for pyro consumables shops and props, as well as content creation for subflare. Lighting updates involved polish and clean-up for pyro, improved signage around New Babbage, and new content for mission features, pyro outposts, and pyro planets.

Overall, the July 2023 monthly report highlighted progress in various game development areas, including AI, ship art, engineering, missions and events, graphics, interactables, and lighting. The team has been working on improving AI behavior, ship designs, mission features, and graphical enhancements, while also addressing bugs and polishing existing content.