Misc / mirai fury and bomber details leaked| star citizen

“Details of the upcoming snub ship the MISC / MIRAI FURY and it’s Bomber variant the MIRU have been uncovered in the game files! This is everything we know about them!”

The Mirai Fury and its bomber variant have been leaked ahead of their debut at Invictus Fleet Week on May 19th. Mirai is a sub-brand of MISC, with a focus on high-performance ships, and the Fury is its first offering. The Fury is said to have “Best in Class maneuverability” and “Cutting Edge Geon Tech” with four size 2 weapons and the potential to carry up to 20 missiles. The bomber variant, called the Miru, replaces the weapons with missiles and is expected to be used in multi-crew scenarios. The ships are short-ranged and lack a Quantum Drive, which may limit their use in solo combat but makes them ideal for close-range engagements.

The Fury’s small size and maneuverability make it difficult to track and hit, potentially making it a formidable foe. Its folding mechanism may allow for multiple ships to be carried in cargo bays, making them highly deployable. However, balancing these ships may be challenging due to their offensive power. The Fury’s small capacitors may limit its sustained damage output, and the lack of a Quantum Drive may limit its use in solo combat.

These leaks are subject to change before the release of the ships, but the Fury and its variants are highly anticipated by the Star Citizen community.