Mirai Fury Review | Star Citizen 3.19 4K Gameplay

“In this video, I review the Star Citizen snub fighter, the Mirai Fury, including a tour as well as detailed ship review. I include gameplay footage of the Mirai Fury in 4K at 60FPS (or as close as I could get). The gameplay for this Star Ci”

The Mirai Fury is the latest addition to Star Citizen’s snub fighters and has been met with a very positive reaction from players. This review will explore what makes the Fury so appealing, looking at its combat performance, handling and visibility, operating costs and ultimately, why this ship has achieved much success with players.

The ship has a strong firepower, featuring four size two Badger repeaters fixed to the front of its wings and four size two missiles. It also has an excellent visibility due to its glass cockpit, and the thrusters are powerful and have a wide range of rotation which makes for strong acceleration and braking. However, the Fury does not come with a Quantum Drive and it cannot store cargo, making it reliant on another ship to transport it.

Despite this, the Fury provides adrenaline-pumping combat experience and a lot of fun for highly skilled pilots. It is faster than many lighter fighters and Nimble too, making it ideal for swarm tactics. The Fury is expensive at 55 dollars, but its performance is worth the cost and players may even choose to wait and attempt to purchase it in the game. All in all, the Mirai Fury is a great snub fighter and is sure to be a fan favourite.